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The Strange (and Rare) Videogame Pics Page

1 October 1998

This will be the last update until late next week... I have to finish an University exam, so I'll not have enough time to spend in front of my keyboard...
Not a big update tonight (all CD-I material will be online next week), anyway I decided to add some more info on every page: I'll soon add something I call "Collector Notes". These notes will include rarity info, availability and price; some tips on where to find the various systems. Collector Notes are now only on Game Boy Light and related page but will be added to every page in the next few weeks. Another new thing: "Last Update" informations on Index page are now below the main index.
There is now a new small and simple section called "
The Future". I prefer not to comment it: let me know what you think of it!
Now a statement: All the informations on these pages were taken from different sources (magazines, online sites, newspapers, official documentation from the maker of the different products, etc.) but can be not correct and/or complete, since many times things change fastly... so here is my request: if you find something not true, if you have additions or corrections to the informations I published or if you want to make me know your point of view, write me an e-mail: my address is:

I promise I'll answer all the mail I'll receive in a small lapse of time (not more than 2/3 days). Thanks a lot!
New section:
The Future
New: Collector Notes will soon be added to every page!
Hardware section:
Nintendo Game Boy Light and related (in this page there is also the (almost) complete list of every color in which Game Boy system and accessories were marketed, and also some interesting facts and pics on the oldest system actually on the market).

10 October 1998

New section: Links

11 October 1998

After yesterday small update, a much more big update today!
Hardware: Updated
CD-I section with images of many CD-I models and lot of specs. More soon!
Added links to the following pages:
M2 and 32-bit Hudson prototype

24 October 1998

Two weeks passed and a new update is a must!
Hardware: Updated
CD-I section. It is now divided in different sub-sections with some new pics and info (Portable CDI 370 and Professional CDI 660/670).

25 October 1998

Another update this week-end and another with a lot of CD-I related informations and pics! I hope to be more various next time :-)
Next update in a couple of weeks time! Bye.
Hardware: Updated
CD-I section. Pics and info on two professional CD-I player: 605 and 615 both from Philips... of course...
Amiga CD32 section. Added CD32 FAQ. It is divided in two parts. More soon!
Goldstar GPi-1200 CD-I Portable Player
Links page

7 November 1998

A big update this time. Thanks to some contributors I have a lot of cool new pics!
Hardware: Updated
M2 section. Pics of the final M2 unit are now in the page!
Panasonic M2 Development Unit page. Thanks to Ted Rusniak for all the pics!
Game Boy page with pics of several Game Boy versions (Pokemon GB, Astro Boy GB, etc.)
Game Link Super Hand Game page. It's the first page dedicated to one of the many NES clones I found over here in the last few years. This is one of the best.

8 November 1998

Small update this time. I did not have enought time this week-end to add a lot of pics.
As usual next update will be in a couple of weeks.
Hardware: Added
Samsung 3DO Player page.
GIG Leonardo page.
GIG Leonardo Games page.
Jaguar CD Prototype page with pics of a later prototype unit.
Panasonic M2 Development Unit page with some new pics.
Fixed: some Game Boy Light pics.

14 November 1998

Almost completely Sega-related update this time.
Index: I added a logo... I know it's an awful one but... I LIKE IT! (and I don't have anything better to use...).
Hardware section: Added: Sega SC-3000 page.
Added: Sega - Majesto Genesis 3 page.
Added: Coleco Gemini page.
Updated: Game Boy Light and related page (thanks to George F. Palamara).
Other things section: Added Sega SC-3000 User Manual page.
Links section: Added a link to Policenauts and Snatcher on Playstation Petition page. Sign the petition today!
I have added a counter (from
Site-Stats) to my home page. I don't know if I will keep it in my page for a long time, anyway I am curious to see how many readers I have around the world (I don't think too much, anyway I am still curious!).
Next updated scheduled in a couple of weeks.
NOTE: lately I had problems with my e-mail address. If you have problems with my first e-mail address, please send e-mails to the following alternative address: < >. Use it ONLY if you have problems with the other one, please.

15 November 1998

Index: NEW LOGO! Yesterday I uploaded a very BAD logo (made by myself) but now thanks to Aaron Nanto webmaster of there is finally a BEAUTIFUL and PROFESSIONAL logo. All credits for the log (a beautiful surprise for me!) goes to him. Thanks a lot! <The old logo is always online, if you want to laugh looking at it, go here!).
Links section: Added links to: Clint's Handheld Web Page, Syd Bolton Classic Videogames Page, Syd Bolton Supervision Page. More soon!
Sega SC-3000 page (now with links), Supervision page (now with links).
Next update in a couple of weeks!

27 November 1998

First update for this week-end. It seems not a big update but since I revisioned every page (and there were a lot of errors!!!!) I had to "work" a lot on the site... tomorrow there will be more interesting additions.
Hardware section: Added: Goldstar Desktop CD-I Players page.
Updated: Game Boy Light and related page (thanks again to George F. Palamara).

28 November 1998

An almost completely software-related update today.
Hardware section: Updated: Amiga CD32 page (added Technical Specifications).
Updated: Sanyo T.R.Y. 3DO Player page (added Sanyo logo).
Software section: Added: Genesis / Megadrive Pirate Cartridges page.
Added: Sega SC-3000 Games page.
Added: Commodore 16 and Plus/4 Cartridges Page.
Future section: updated the whole page.

29 November 1998

Another small update... next time I hope to have enough time to make a bigger one...
Speaking of other things: last week my counter reached 100 contacts (in only two weeks)! I think it's a good result for a small page like mine, so thanks a lot to every person who visited my site!
Index page: added the beautiful "Made with Mac" logo.
Hardware section: Added: Nec Turbografx European Version page. I still don't know if the pic I have is of an Euro TG or of a Prototype TG: if you could help me clarify this, please let me know!
Added: Megatronix Consolle Compatta page (a NES clone).
Updated: Hasbro VR page (added a few facts about its history).
Software section: Added: Gameboy Pirate Cartridge page.
Next update in a couple of weeks!

12 December 1998

An atipical update this time: I made some changes in the page design so I had little time to add new things.Tomorrow I'll add more interesting things and pics.
Index page: Updated: major changes this time in this page! As you could see I have changed some things to make this page look better and clearer. Hope you like it!
Hardware section: Updated: I have changed some things in the desing of the Hardware page like I did for index page. Few changes anyway...
Updated: Game Boy Light and related page.Added a pic of Game Boy Light Clear Yellow.
Updated: NEC Turbografx European Version page. Added new pics and informations.
Updated: Hasbro VR page (added more facts about its history and its creator!)
Other things section: Updated: I have changed some things in the desing of the Other things page like I did for index page. Few changes anyway...
Added: Turok Promotional Music CD page.
: Goldstar 3DO German Ads page.
Links section: Added three new links:
GNN - GamesNewsNetwork, Famicom Old Skool and Inner Space Prometeo.They are all good sites: take a look at them!
Next update tomorrow!

13 December 1998

Another "soft" update! It's a very busy month this one and I don't have much time to update my page...
During the holiday break (XMas and New Year break) I'll surely have more time to spend in front of my computer!.
Hardware section: Added: Fujitsu FM-Towns Marty page.
Software section: Updated: I have changed some things in the desing of the Software page like I did for index page.
Added: Christmas Nights Limited Edition Saturn Game page.
Coin-op section: Updated: I have changed some things in the desing of the Coin-op page like I did for index page.
Other things section: Updated: Turok Promotional Music CD page. Corrected some mistakes
: Nightmare Creatures Promotional Music CD page.
Added: Pro-Pinball Timeshock! Promotional Music CD page.
Added: Christmas Nights Into Dreams Pics page.
Future section: Updated: I have changed some things in the desing of the Future page like I did for index page. I also made some corrections on release dates of different systems.
Various Electronic Stuff section: A new section! Actually I have not included anything but I have interesting pics to add in the next few months!
Next update in a couple of weeks!

27 December 1998

Merry Xmas to everyone is reading this page! I know, it's late to say you this, but since I could not update my pages before, well, better late than ever :-). Another small update but during the next few weeks I'll add a lot of interesting pics since I am searching (and finding) more stuff to add to my pages. I have just finished to retool the look of all the pages and I have time only to add a couple of interesting Coin-op related pages. Bye.
Software section: Updated: Christmas Nights Limited Edition Saturn Game page. I have added some info about the Japanese version.
Coin-op section: I made some changes in this section: now it is divided in two parts: one for modular coin-op systems and the second for Virtual Reality games. Since this games aren't well known I'll add all the informations I have on them: they are in any sense Strange and Rare!
Added: Sega ST-V (Titan) page.
Added: Sega TekWar (VR game) page.
Added: Taito-Virtuality Zone Hunter (VR game) page.
Other things section: Updated: Christmas Nights Into Dreams Pics page.
Next update tomorrow or in a couple of days!

29 December 1998

This will be the last update of the year. Tomorrow I'll leave my house to visit my girlfriend and I'll be too distant from my computer to do any update. So I wish you a Happy New Year. See you next year!
Hardware section: Added: Tiger page.
Updated: Fujitsu Marty page. Now there is the Fujitsu logo, not much I know...
Links section: Added: Slight's Unofficial Homepage. It's the best related page on the net.
Next update at the beginning of 1999 (2 or 3 January).

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