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The Strange (and Rare) Videogame Pics Page

Nothing special to say about it. It is a promotional item that was included free in a French Videogame magazine (Console Plus) in collaboration with Acclaim Entertainment Inc. and Fun Radio

The cover of the CD

The CD.

The CD includes nine tracks. The first four were official remixes, the other were taken directly from the soundtrack of the game. Here is the list of all the tracks:

  1. Technosaur Radio Edit (Max Lecharny/Alexis Levy/Swathmore)
  2. Deep Jungle Mix (Max Lecharny/Alexis Levy/Swathmore)
  3. Tyranosaur Club Edit (Max Lecharny/Alexis Levy/Swathmore)
  4. Rokozor (Stephan Bohemian/Swathmore)
  5. The Jungle (Danen Mitchell)
  6. Boss Encounter (Danen Mitchell)
  7. In the Treetops (Danen Mitchell)
  8. Lava Land (Danen Mitchell)
  9. Campainer Boss Encounter (Danen Mitchell)

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