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The Strange (and Rare) Videogame Pics Page

Goldstar 3DO players were marketed only in few European countries. UK and Germany were two of those. And here is the ads published in Germany by Goldstar: I prefer the US version (more fun and original) since this is too much classic... at least on the design side...
Thanks to Florian Haller I have the translation of the ad! Here it is:

[left-top] "Better race with 3DO through the galaxy than sweat 'canned sardines' on the beach of Malorca."

[right-top] "Germany premiere. Be the first one with a Goldstar [player?]..."

[left-bottom] "The Interactive Multiplayer Goldstar GDO-202P is being delivered with FIFA Soccer."

[right-bottom] "The Goldstar 3DO Interactive Multiplayer is not only thanks to its 32 Bits and the digital Surround Sound the guarantor for highest play fun, he moreover shows the holiday pictures from the Photo-CD, plays with the optional Video cartridge the newest Video-CDs and impresses with conventional Audio-CDs every HiFi-System. If only he would [spit out/give] a pack of popcorn on every highscore..."

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