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The Strange (and Rare) Videogame Pics Page




Sega ST-V (code named Titan from one of Saturn's satellites) was a coin-op board based on the Saturn technology. Released at the same time of the home system, was used by Sega to develop low-cost coin-op games that could be easily converted on the Saturn. Basically the board had only few differences from the home model: more memory and games on cartridges instead of cds. The board did not became very popular also because only a few mediocre games were produced for it.

ST-V Board. At the upper corner note the cartridge. I assume it is Jamma-compatible but I could be wrong!

The first game available for Titan was a beat 'em up that featured characters from a well known Sega saga: Golden Axe. Graphically was extremely good but is wasn't very playable...

Select players screen: there are ten different characters to choose from.
Three in-game pics. There are well-known Golden Axe characters like Ax-Battler and Death Adder.

The game was later marketed for Saturn systems and received not-so-well critics from most magazines. Later games that used this board were: Athlete Kings and Winter Heat (both well converted for the Saturn).

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