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The Strange (and Rare) Videogame Pics Page


A strange name for a strange NES clone. A transportable, hand-held clone without built-in screen.
I found and bought it (for a very small sum of money) used in a small second-hand market in Italy. I don't know much of it. BTW it is a full working NES clone. Nothing more, nothing less.


The front of the unit. Since it is an hand-held unit all button are easily recognizable on the unit itself. From left you can see: the four directional buttons (they are independent, not connected each other), reset, select, start, four fire buttons (two A's buttons and two B's buttons). The power indicator (a red led) is on the upper right of the system.

Under the unit. On the upper left of the system there is a connector for a second pad (9 din Atari-type connector, not the usual NES joypad connector). On the right there is the battery compartiment to use the system without an AC adaptor. It uses 3 AA batteries. Note the cartridge connector (72 pins) and the cartridge eject button under the before-mentioned connector.

An "air view" of the unit. Other than the cartridge port there are three RCA-type connectors: (from the left) RF output, Video output, Audio output (mono).

The bottom of the unit. Here we could find the AC adaptor connector and the on/off power button.. The cartridge eject button is easily visible in the center of the unit.

Here is a pic of the box in which the system came. As far as I know "Game Link" is the name of the company that made the unit and "Super Hand Game" is the name of the unit itself. Also on the box there is the model number (Model No. TK-2010). This unit was made in Taiwan.
I never saw this clone on the market and so I suspect it was bought outside Italy... anyway no proofs...

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