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The Strange (and Rare) Videogame Pics Page

My links page!

Note: all the links are listed in a strict alphabetical order! - They are all great sites I consult every day!

3DO Today
Odd, interesting, and unusual information on the 3DO. In other words one of the best 3DO-related site on the net!

DVD Games @ DVD-Spin (formely known as CGNC)
Great news site with a lot of informations about many systems.

Classic Videogame Station : Odyssey
One of the best Japanese site I know! Check it! (Note: in Japanese, only small parts in English!)

Clint's Handheld Web Page
The best handheld-related page on the web. Home of the Foreign SMS Faq.

(The) Daily Radar
From the makers of Next Generation Magazine. Great videogame news site.

Edge Online
From the makers of the famous Edge Magazine: probably the best videogame magazine ever!

Famicom Old Skool
A Famicom-only site completely in English! And a good one too! This site seems to be DEAD right now!!!!

FGN Online
Another videogame news site: this is the most updated one! Two updates every day.

Handheld Comparison Site
Excellent site devoted to compare almost every handheld videogame system ever made. From Florian Haller.

GNN - GamesNewsNetwork
Very good and professional news site. Updated daily!

Keroppi's Yakuza Bar
Excellent site for various rare game systems like Marty and Playdia.

M2 Express
The most updated M2 (but not only!) site available on the net. Only problem: Japanese only...

M2 Online
The best site for people interested in M2. Up-to-date info too!

M2 System
The official Matsushita site for M2. Not much for gamers anyway...

Magic Box
A great site! The best part is the news section with all the latest from the Far East.

Nekofan Page (The)
A French page dedicated to the immortal PC Engine. And a very good one!

Next Generation Online
Probably one of the best news site on the videogame industry.
A very cool site about PC-FX, PCEngine, Turbografx-16, Japanese music and much more!

Policenauts and Snatcher on Playstation Petition
An important petition to ask Konami to release two of the best PSX titles in the Western markets. Sign today!

Rikard Ljungkvist Home Page
A cool classic gaming site from Sweden. It has a lot of interesting Videopac informations and lot more.

Slight's Unofficial Homepage
The best page available on the net and dedicated to this great system. This page is now, sadly, DEAD!
Excellent site and excellent source for finding software and hardware for many Japanese systems.

Syd Bolton Classic Videogames Page
An excellent classic videogames site.

Syd Bolton Supervision Page
The only Supervision page available on the net. Check it, it's very interesting!

The Gallery
News, Pics & Info on Videogames and related pages.
A vast site with a very good news section. From the same publisher of EGM.

Virtual Boy Rare Game Info
A page dedicated to rare VB games.

Weird Computing Machines
Excellent page directly from Australia. This page seems to be DEAD!

A small section to present you some of my friends on the net.

Fra' On Line
Personal page of a Swedish girl I know.

Inner Space Prometeo
The home page of a small but active Italian Star Trek Fan Club.

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