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The Strange (and Rare) Videogame Pics Page



In Europe is easy to find multigames pirate cartridges for a multitude of systems. Not so easy is to find pirate carts with only one game. Some time ago I found one: a pirate Star Trek The 25th Anniversary cart! Unfortunately the guy that sold me this game gave me the cart only... the package was trashed!

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It is similar to standard Nintendo carts but it has some little cosmetics differences you could easily see in the picture below in which I confronted the pirated cartridge with an official USA game, Solar Striker:

In particular the label is very different: it is only a scansion of the original Instruction Booklet front page!.

Inside the cart. Note the chip with the sticker on it (the rom with the game). The second chip inside was made by Texas Instruments. This pirate cart was easy to open since it did not used custom screws but regular ones.

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An interesting fact about this pirate cart: it could drain completely new batteries of a Gameboy Pocket in a couple of hours (instead of the usual 10 hours!). Also the cart is a little too big and is not easy to insert in the system.
Other carts were popular until few years ago but were all multicarts. I never bought any of them because they were very expensive (some were sold at more than 100 US$!!!!). Lately I saw some GameBoy Color multicarts sold at nearly 50 US$. They seems to be more common than old B/W games-only carts!

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