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The Strange (and Rare) Videogame Pics Page
Many knows that Commodore computers like C64 and VIC20 had a lot of games and programs on cartridges, but only a few knows that also the ill-fated C16-Plus/4 series of computers had some games on carts.
Only a few games were made (and all were made by Commodore as far as I know): one is Pirate Adventure a Scott Adams (I think...) text-only adventure that was part of a complete line of Scott Adams games Commodore had the rights to publish in cartridge. At least other three or four text adventures were also made for C16 on cartridge. These games weren't available officially on tape or disks but probably were widely available on these supports thanks to hackers.

Front view.

Upside-down view.

Lateral view. Note the strange shape of the cart: one of the strangest cart I have ever seen!

The cart on this page was given to me by Piero Franceschi a good friend of mine. Thanks a lot mate!

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