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The Strange (and Rare) Videogame Pics Page

6 January 1999

Happy New Year to all of you! This is the first update of the new year! Not big but I hope interesting for many of you out there. Note: Site History and Updates page is now divided in several pages to make them faster to read!
Hardware section: Added: Creative Labs. 3DO Blaster PC card page.
: Goldstar 3DO Player page.
Added: Tiger R-Zone page.
Updated: C7420 Computer Expansion for Videopac G7400 page.
Updated: Commodore Amiga CD32 page. (Added Commodore logo, nothing more!).
Updated: Tiger page with a picture of the new pocketpro system.
Links section: Added: Link to 3DO Today. One of the best 3DO site available on the net.
Next update in a few days!

7 January 1999

Minor update. There is only one new page anyway it's the first of a brand new section! I have also made some corrections to a couple of other page that weren't well designed. Hope you'll like them more!
Hardware section: Changed: The new Sega Wonderbook page is now part of the new Various Electronic Stuff section.
Updated: Panasonic M2 Development Unit page. The page is better designed with small pics but with links to the previous bigger pics. It is more readable now!
Updated: Be Inc. BeBox page. Few things changed... but I'll have more on the subject soon!
Future section: Added: a couple of once tought to be possible players in the industry: Acorn and Amstrad!
Various Electronic Stuff section: Say Hi! to the new section!
Added: Sega Wonderbook page. If you have more informations and/or pics on the subject, please let me know sending e-mails at the usual address (below)!
Next update tomorrow!

8 January 1999

Another minor update. Some classic-related updates (about Creativision) and an M2-related update the day after the mysterious M2 announcement from Next Generation Online. Something to say that M2 is still alive and was never canned!
Hardware section: Updated: Matsushita - Goldstar M2 page. Added a picture of the latest M2 model (FZ-35S) recently announced by Panasonic and two Press Releases from the same company (for FZ-21S and FZ-35S).
Updated: Creativision page. Added some new datas and informations.
Software section: Added: Creativision Cartridges page. Thanks to Rikard Ljungkvist for all the images.
Links section: Added: A link to Rikard Ljungkvist Home Page. It is a cool classic gaming site from Sweden. It has a lot of interesting Videopac informations and lot more.
Next update tomorrow!

9 January 1999

Third minor update! Nothing special but the new 3DO Peripherals page has some interesting pics. This is the last update for a while. At least two weeks will pass since I have a lot of work at the University in the next month!
Last thing: my counter reached 400 contacts (in less than two months) yesterday! A good result for a small site, don't you think?
Hardware section: Added: 3DO Peripherals page. It contains pics of never-released or uncommon add-ons or peripherals. More soon!
Software section: Updated: Creativision Cartridges page. No more brocken links!
Links section: Added: Two new links.
M2 Express: The most updated M2 (but not only!) site available on the net. Only problem: Japanese only...
Magic Box (@ CGNC): A great site! The best part is the news section with all the latest from the Far East.
Next update in a couple of weeks!

31 January 1999

Because of a bad flu I wasn't able to update my site before... and I wasn't able to add a lot too... I'll come back with more interesting things in a couple of weeks when hopefully I'll have enough time to dedicate to this site. See ya!
Hardware section: Updated: Supervision page. Added pictures of the second model of Wataru hand-held system.
Updated: Turbografx European Version page. Added informations about the French market.
Links section: Added: Two new links.
Keroppi's Yakuza Bar: Excellent site for various rare game systems like Marty and Playdia.
Weird Computing Machines: Excellent page directly from Australia.
Next update in a couple of weeks!

27 May 1999

This is the first update in months... I am very sorry but I don't have enough time to design new pages because I am serving my country in the civil service... actually I am "living" in Bologna 200 Km far from my computer, my scanner and all my informations... I'll try to make some additions to the site from this city but I will not have much to add until I'll come back home (22 December 1999 ).
Last thing I began to write for an italian videogame magazine called "Super Console Playstation". I am writing a section about the history of videogames called "Retrogaming". From now on I'll publish an article every month.
All the articles will appear in a new section called "Articoli". All the articles are in italian but I have plas to translate them in english as soon as I'll have enough time.
Hardware section: Added: NEC PC-FX page. A very limited page dedicated to this extraordinary system.
Added: NEC PCEngine Supergrafx page.
Software section: Updated: XMas Nights Into Dreams page. Added informations about US version of this game.
Articoli section: Added menu page. SOON!
Next update as soon as possible!

1 September 1999

After three months here I am again to update my dear site. Not a big update: I have only added a page about the Sharp X680X0 Series of computers. Next update will be... well, I don't know when... see you!
Hardware section: Added: Sharp - Hudson X68000 page. Some informations about a popular Japan-only computer.
Next update as soon as possible!

3 September 1999

Here I am! Another update!!!! It's the second in only three days! That's great since I did not update my site in months :-) Today a small update only to add few things that were missing! Next update... well, I don't know... bye!
Index page: Added: My Hotmail address:
Hardware section: Updated: Sharp - Hudson X68000 page. All the pics are now ok! Also there is a new link.
Updated: Nintendo Gameboy Light page. Added a lot of new informations about some Gameboy Limited Editions. More soon!
Updated: NEC Power Console page. Added claims of a Hong Kong release. Does anyone can confirm this?
Updated: Coleco Gemini page. Added some infos.
Software section: Updated: XMas Nights Into Dreams LE. Added some new informations about the US version and credits to all the guys that sent me them.
Coin-op section: Updated: Taito-Virtuality Zone Hunter page. Some new informations about this system.
Updated: Sega Tekwar page. Now there are a lot of new technical infos about the system.
Next update as soon as possible!

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