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The Strange (and Rare) Videogame Pics Page


The most popular non-Panasonic 3DO player ever marketed, the Goldstar model was plagued by a lot of hardware faults. This faults were reported also on video game magazines and on the still popular 3DO-related newsgroup ( This unit was marketed in North America, East Asia and Europe (UK and Germany only, as far as I know). Note that the version sold in Germany was the only 3DO player that was available on that market!

A picture of the unit with the dedicated joypad. The unit was distributed for nearly one year.

Another picture of the system.

Goldstar (now LG Electronics) stand in a past E3. A gamer (probably a journalist) is playing a beat 'em up.
You could find a picture of a Goldstar 3DO ad published in Germany here.

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