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The Strange (and Rare) Videogame Pics Page

An updated version of the regular NEC PC Engine, this system has better graphics specifications. It could display more colors and more sprites at once on the screen.

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Since the system wasn't a great success (it had a much bigger price tag than a regular PC Engine) only six titles were published exclusively for this system that anyway could play any other PC Engine game (cartridges and CD's). The six titles were:
  1. Battle Ace - Hudson Soft 1989
  2. Ghouls and Ghosts - NEC Avenue 1990
  3. Darius Plus - NEC Avenue 1990
  4. Grand Zort - Hudson Soft 1990
  5. 1941 Counter Attack - Hudson Soft 1991
  6. Aldynes - Hudson Soft 1991
A Seventh title, a limited edition version of Darius Plus was another Supergrafx title published in 1990. Anyway it wasn't very different from the already mentioned Darius Plus. Most (if not all...) of the differences were on the package. More soon!

Some other titles were planned for the Supergrafx: Strider (published a lot of years later for the Arcade Card), Galaxy Force II (conversion of a Sega coin-op), a special edition of Out Run (enhanced to use the superior SG capabilities) and some more that actually I could not remember. All were to be published by NEC Avenue. Production of all these titles was halted because of the poor performances of the system. Prototypes are not known on the collector market but surely they exists! In particular Strider was at a very advanced state of development. Later the title was to be published on Super CD-Rom format but since it needed too much memory it was published only for Arcade Card. Another title, Galaxy Fight II was probably shown to the public in a very early stage of development and it was listed on many PC Engine magazines as a "Soon to be published" title.

Since I have all these titles I'll soon publish an in-depth review of them.

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