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The Strange (and Rare) Videogame Pics Page



CH Products Flight Stick.
Probably the best joystick ever made for 3DO systems, it was based on a similar product made for PCs. It was distributed for a limited period only in USA and UK only.

Panasonic SSFII Turbo joypad.
Released at the same time of Super Street Fighter II Turbo and developed by Panasonic together with Capcom (similar versions were available also for Megadrive/Genesis and Super Famicom/SNES systems) it was the best six button joypad for 3DO. It is easier to find than Flight Stick joystick but it's always a rare item. Presented at a 1994 Japan Electronics Show. It was sold by Panasonic USA until late 1998!

JPF Import SNES joypad adaptor for 3DO.
As the name said it is only an adaptor to use SNES joypads with a 3DO system. Not an official product, it was a good success since original 3DO pads weren't very good in design. Several versions of this adaptor were available on the market but the one of the picture was the most solid one.

Panasonic MPEG 1 Adaptor for FZ-1 systems.
This adaptor (compatible only with FZ-1 systems) adds Video CD compatibility to the system (NOT DVD, only MPEG 1 cds). This adaptor was distributed only in Japan at a price tag of 29800 Yen (nearly 280 US$). Similar adaptors were planned for every other 3DO system but only Goldstar marketed it. Presented at a 1994 Japan Electronics Show.


Panasonic Karaoke adaptor.
To transform your 3DO system in a karaoke machine! Not very interesting for Westerns but a must for Japanese citizens that love to karaoke! Two microphones could be plugged in for head-to-head action :-). Presented at a 1994 Japan Electronics Show.

Panasonic Pro Joystick.
Never released, this joypad was presented at first at a 1994 Japan Electronics Show. With seven buttons and a solid design it could have been a great controller. It's a pity they never release it!

Panasonic Modem.
Not to be confused with AT&T modem, this one was to be used to download games via telephone line. It had a memory card connector that could be used to store downloaded informations. Presented at a 1994 Japan Electronics Show.

Panasonic Virtual Reality Helmet.
One of the many never-released VR add-on (think of similar systems for Jaguar and Genesis/Megadrive) had no games planned for it and was probably only a mock-up! Presented at a 1994 Japan Electronics Show.

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