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The Strange (and Rare) Videogame Pics Page

15 August 2000

Nearly a year passed but finally I am here to update my site again! Not much to say... I've updated all of the pages adding informations I forgot and correcting mistakes all around! I've also corrected some dead links too! I still have to update my links page since it is now pretty outdated! Many of the sites I mentined there are now dead or have changed addresses! I'll try to update the site in a few days with more interesting systems and pictures I've collected and scanned in the last months! I still have plans to update my site at least every month adding new stuff but since I work now all seems to be a problem!
Index page: Updated: I've deleted the counter code. The Site-Stats counter ended when the company was closed. I'm looking for a counter replacement but it will not be available soon!
Hardware section: Updated: Every page in the Hardware section is now updated! I've added a lot of new informations and corrected all the mistakes I made!
Software section: Added: All the pages are now updated with some new informations.
Future section: Updated: All the pages data are now updated again!
Links section: Added: Several new links. I've yet to correct all the outdated links I have in this page!
Next update soon!

12 September 2000

Here is a real update of the site! I've finally added some new pages regarding systems completely new to this site! Also, a new section is born: it will contain various artistic expressions of real or fake videogame systems.
Index page: Updated: Nothing really important. Anyway I've added the logo the University of Parma (my university!).
Hardware section: Added: Commodore CDTV page.
Added: Amstrad GX4000 page.
Added: MB Microvision page.
Added: SNK Neo Geo CD Front loading version page.
Added: Nintendo Ultra 64 prototype page.
Added: Nintendo SNES mouse page.
: Amiga CD32 page. Added informations on the CD64 system.
Updated: Creative Labs. 3DO Blaster page. Added pictures and technical informations.
Updated: Matsushita M2 page. Added an additional picture.
Other things section: Updated: Goldstar 3DO Ad for Germany page. Added a complete translation of the text made by Florian Haller.
Future section: Updated: Small update to correct all the last errors.
Links section: Added: General update to the page.
Artistic Impressions section: NEW SECTION!
: An Atari 2600 drawing.
Next update soon!

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