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The Strange (and Rare) Videogame Pics Page


The first real hand-held console system! Microvision was designed by the same team that designed the only other MB videogame system: Vectrex! At the time the Microvision wasn't the only hand-held videogame on the market but it was surely the most advanced ever made thanks to the interchangeable cartridges and to the LCD screen with a 16 x 16 pixels (well... maybe it's better if we speak of blocks... not pixels...) matrix that gave the programmers the possibilities to be much more creative than ever! Three different versions of the system were made: two for the North-american market and one for Europe.
The two US models differs because they needed a different amount of batteries to be powered up: two for the first version and one for the second. The third version was aestetically different and was distributed only in Europe: it was a re-designed system without all the weak points of the US release!
Cartridges were also different with soft keys for the US version and hard keys for the european one.

A scansion of the USA box. This scan was sent to me by a reader but since I lost his e-mail I could not give him credits! I ask the contributor of this picture to contact me again to have full credits on my pages!.
Only 13 games were made for the system and one of them was marketed only in Europe (Super Blockbuster).

Microvision systems are quite rare in both US and Europe. By now only few systems are still sold also because the LCD screens it used usually are likely to die in 15 years or so. Right now it seems to be much easier to find systems and games in Europe but I suppose because few collectors are interested in this system over here!

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