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The Strange (and Rare) Videogame Pics Page

22 October 1999

A Sega and NEC-related update this time! All the new info and pics were sent to me by good guys around the world and so I would like to thanks them all for their help! Also I would like to thank the Official Dreamcast Magazine that published the address of my page (this was told to me by Trevor)! A big result! And that's not all: I have a lot of other interesting news about my site. More soon!
Index page: Added: My second Hotmail address:
Hardware section: Added: Sega - Tec Toy Master System III Compact page.
Updated: NEC Power Console page. New info about it, in particular the price...
Software section: Added: Master System Brazilian-only Games page.
Other things section: Added: Bomberman for PC Engine French User Manual.
Future section: Updated: All the pages data are now updated!
Links section: Added: Link to The Nekofan Page. A French page dedicated to the immortal PC Engine. And a very good one!
Next update as soon as possible!

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