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The Strange (and Rare) Videogame Pics Page
From the official Philips catalog

These combo systems were probably distributed on in Europe. I have no confirmations that they were available also in USA. The Mini Hi-Fi combo is probably pretty rare since I never saw one in shops. The Tv combo was widely available but was sold at a very high price.

FW 380 I
Technical specifications

Mini Hi-Fi system with: Audio Digital Radio Tuner, two decks tape recorder/player, 2x25W amplifier, two speakers with 2 ways bass reflex.
Compatible with the following standards: Interactive CD (CD-I), Audio CD,Photo CD and Digital Video (for movies, musical clips and videogames) with the optional 22ER9956 Digital Video Cartridge.
Digital Sound Control, Dynamic Sound Control, On screen program display.
Comes with an infrared controller with built-in joystick.

One of the two combo offers from Philips: it was a Mini Hi-Fi system with built-in CD-I player.

21 TCDI 130
Technical specifications

Technical specifications for CD-i module

Playback system: CD-i including Digital Video, Video-CD, CD-DA including CD-Graphics, CD-Bridge, CD-i Ready 
Optical read-out system: Laser type: semiconductor AlGaAs, Numerical aperture: 0.456, Wavelength: 780 nm
TV Standard: Number of lines: 625; Vertical resolution: 280/560, Horizontal resolution: 384/768
Operation: Remote control, Dedicated for CD-i functionality (RC6), On-screen program display, CD-i mode LED indicator
Connections: I/O ports: (2 x miniDIN 8a, right-hand side), Audio out: (2 x cinch, rear) 2 Vrms into 10 kohm (stereo in CD-i mode and mono in tv-mode)

Technical specifications TV module

Picture: Tube category: dark HIBRI FSQ, Screen diameter : 21" (55 cm)
Reception: Tuning system: 60-fold VST, Transmission system: /00 PAL B/G, Channel selections: /00 /VHF, UHF,S, Destination: UK, GE, NL, ES, PT, AU, /00: B, FR, CH
Teletext: Computer-controlled: 4-page TOP/FLOF/WST
Sound: Output: 4W Music Power, mono, 2-speaker (CD-i stereo via external amplifier)
Operation: Remote control: Dedicated for TV/VCR functionality (RC5), On-screen program display, Standby/on LED indicator Red, Green (Orange for remote control active)
Connections: Mono headphone out (3.5mm jack, right-hand side), SCART Euroconnector (audio L/R in/out, RGB in, CVBS in/out, status in, fast blanking in)

The second combo offer from Philips: a 21" colour TV sets with built-in CD-I player (with Digital Video capability) in the same cabinet.

If you want more informations you can find the Official CD-I FAQ from Philips here.

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