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The only known game that was to be released for the never seen Hasbro VR project.
It was a first person virtual reality game developed by 3D Creations and KATrix. The game seems to be not dead since 3D Creations and Millenium Rush are continuing development on the game. Millenium Rush is a company co-founded by Mr. Chris Gentile (inventor and project manager of the Hasbro VR project).

Here is how they describe Nero Zero:

"It takes place in the far future on a distant planet ruled by an evil tyrant named Nero. It offers a combination of several areas of gameplay, including a first-person perspective, a labyrinthine 3D world to explore, high-speed racing with hover-chariots through twisting tunnels, and an advanced fighting engine for one-on-one swordplay. Using sophisticated neural net technology, the computer controlled opponents in the game actually learn from the player's fighting style, and require progressively more involved strategies to defeat."

And here there is the only pic available:

The pics probably display one of the villains of the game (it is called Sade).


More informations on this game soon!


More informations on this game soon!

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