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This could be considered the first Tiger attempts to enter the videogame market with something different. The R-Zone line of products was basically based on the usual LCD technology Tiger uses for their 20 US$ games but with interesting features like interchangeable games on cartridges and some new ways to enjoy the action of the games.
Three different models of the system were made: R-Zone Head Gear (the first model made), R-Zone Superscreen (the second model, soon discontinued) and R-Zone XPG - Xtreme Pocket Game (probably the best model made).


R-Zone Head Gear.
This model was the first marketed and could be considered the cheapest virtual reality system ever made :-). The game is projected in a small screen that is in front of your right eye. It's not very comfortable to wear the system but it is cool to play games this way (at least in the first few minutes...).

R-Zone Superscreen.
The worst (for me) of the three systems but probably to best to play the games: it is a table top system that could project the games on a not-so-small built-in screen thanks also to a small lamp. Some games used to have also a color screen (something like the Vectrex but to be used directly on the cart) to give players a better view. The system was discontinued after some time and was replaced by the XPG model.

R-Zone XPG - Xtreme Pocket Game.
The last model made (at least for now) and the best one as far as I could say: the system is easy to handle and it is pretty similat to a standard hand-held videogame system like Gameboy or This way is much more comfortable to play games also because the action is more easy to follow.


Games comes in a cartridges that are bigger like a regular Gameboy cart. Every system comes with one game (different pack-ins are available for each system) but games are also sold alone. Many different titles were made and are almost all conversions of well known coin-op games or console games or anyway based on popular licences (like Star Wars and Batman). Actually I have made a small list of all the titles I know were marketed but I am sure this list is not complete, so if you have corrections and or additions, please send me e-mails here.

Apollo 13 (1996, Tiger) #71-237
Area 51 (1996, Tiger) #71-248
Batman & Robin (Tiger) #??
Batman Forever (1995, Tiger) #71-212
Batman Forever (1996, Tiger) #71-231
Battle Arena Toshinden (1996, Tiger) #71-241
Daytona Racing (1995, Tiger) #71-236
Indy 500 (1996, Tiger) #71-312
Independance Day (1997, Tiger) #71-318
Judge Dredd (Tiger) #??
Men in Black (Tiger) #??
Mortal Kombat 3 (1995, Tiger) #??
Mortal Kombat 3 (1996, Tiger) #71-232
Mortal Kombat Trilogy (Tiger) #??
Nights (Tiger) #??
Panzer Dragoon (1995, Tiger) #71-238
Primal Rage (1996, Tiger) #71-239
Road Rash (Tiger) #??
Road Rash 3 (1996, Tiger) #71-242
Star Trek (1996, Tiger) #71-247
Star Wars Jedi Adventure (Tiger) #??
Star Wars Millennium Falcon Challenge (Tiger) #??
Star Wars Imperial Assault (Tiger) #??
Star Wars Rebel Forces (Tiger) #??
The Lost World (Tiger) #??
Virtua Cop (1996, Tiger) #71-244
Virtua Fighter (1995, Tiger) #??
Virtua Fighter 2 (1996, Tiger) #71-311
VR Troopers (1995, Tiger) #??
Waterworld (Tiger) #??

This list was made thanks to the contribution of Clint Dyer and later updated by myself. Thanks to Clint for the help!
Additional informations thanks to Freaking_Atari an happy R-Zone user and collector. Thanks a lot!

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