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The Strange (and Rare) Videogame Pics Page

29 June 1998

The strange videogame page is online! It's in an extremely buggy test version, anyway I am still very happy...

29 June 1998 (after some time...)

Added two new sections: Coin-op and Updates.
Hardware section:
Katz Media Pippin
Capcom CPS II cartridge system

27 September 1998

After a lot of time (and a lot of damages because of a lightning during a bad storm...) there is finally an update...
I have corrected a lot of errors (thanks to Russ Perry Jr. for his hard work in debugging my English!) and added some informations on existing pages (not a lot but that's enough for now...).
Added a new section:
Other things.
Hardware section:
Hasbro VR, Philips Digital Video Cartridge, Taito-JSB-ASCII Wowow console.
Software section:
Hasbro VR Game (Nero Zero), CD-I Title (USA '94 World Cup).
Other things:
Playstation Demos (Demo sub-section), Saturn Demos (Demo sub-section), PC FX Demos (Demo sub-section).
Finally I decided that the page will be called
The Strange (and Rare) Videogames Pics Page (TS(&R)VPP for brief...) stupid decision... or not?

28 September 1998

It appears that something was wrong when I uploaded the new pages yesterday... there were missing links, missing pictures, a lot of bugs on the display of many pages... what a mess! Tonight I uploaded everything again... it was a very long work, but now all seems to work perfectly!
Added a Last update note on Index page!
The Updates section is now called
Site History.
Updated the following pages:
CD-I (Hardware section), Supervision (Hardware section).

29 September 1998

Wow! This is a very prolific week! Another update (the third in three days)!
Today I have included two systems that are not videogames but that anyway are Strange (and Rare): one is a Multimedia PC (this was the definition forged by Olivetti!), the other is a strange IBM computer that was never released but only announced! Check them, and let me know if you like these kind of informations!
Added a new section: Strange Computers. It is on the
Hardware section but I am thinking to transfer it under the Other things section...
Hardware section:
Olivetti Envision, IBM Power Series.

30 September 1998

Another update! Strangely I have every night some time free to work on TS(&R)VPP! Soon updates will be less frequent: I'll probably update my site only every two weeks or so. A lot of time will pass before I'll finish all the interesting material I have...
Added a new section: Strange Computers. It is on the
Hardware section but I am thinking to transfer it under the Other things section...
I have finally decided that the computer sub-section will remain in the Hardware section: meanwhile I have added two strange computers... as you could understant the pag no longer deal only with videogame-related systems... it seems strange but it's not! Searching in my magazine collection for interesting material to include in this page I have found a lot of interesting material about computers the for some reasons are strange and rare enough to be of some interest to many out there. I promise that the non-videogame related computers will have only a small part of the entire site... beside the few I have included yet I plan to add only a few more (like the 20th Anniversary Mac aka Spartacus). BTW if there will be enough requests I could change my mind :-)
Tomorrow there will be another update surely: I have a lot of CD-I material to include...
Hardware section:
Bandai Atmark/@World, BeBox, Pioneer MacOs compatible clones.
Katz Media Pippin page.

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