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The Strange (and Rare) Videogame Pics Page

Probably the less known MacOs clones ever made. They were exclusively marketed in Japan from the popular company and they had a lot of advanced audio-video capabilities. At least four models were marketed: GX-1, GX-1 Limited Edition, LX-100 and LX-200.
The first three were desktop models, the last one (shown on the pic below) was a tower model.
Interesting note: Pioneer was the only clone maker that produced a 680x0-based model.

The last Pioneer MacOs compatible clone made: LX-200.
Pioneer at first had plans to introduce the clones in the western market but since the initial Japanese-only distribution was not a success, they lost interest in the clone market.
I have pictures of every Pioneer clone made: I'll only have to find time to scan them...

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