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The Strange (and Rare) Videogame Pics Page

A very strange system. Fully compatible with Megadrive-Mega CD-PCEngine-PCEngine CD-Rom games.
The system was distributed in Japan (also under the NEC label) and, later, in the USA. This version was compatible with Sega Genesis, Sega CD, NEC Turbografx-16 and NEC Turboduo games.
Specific titles that used Laser Active superior capabilities were made on Lased Disks: at least ten games were published. Some needed the Sega module to work, the others the NEC module. These modules were used to produce the graphics and the Laser disks were used to stock videos and pictures of high quality.
Probably it was the most priced videogame system ever made and now it is one of the most rare one (in particular the USA version that was sold in probably less than 100 units).

The system and its three expansions. From left to right: Mega LD module, LD-Rom module, Karaoke module.
If you want to see some game-screens from Laser Active titles check the software section here:


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